Tom Racine and Frank Jordan both get huge shout-outs for the inspiration behind today’s strip. heck, some might argue they should both get ALL the credit for this strip since they practically wrote it.

Here’s the story…
The other night on Twitter, Frank was dealing with some internet hatred over a Taylor Swift/Tori Amos cartoon he did for his comic strip, Company Man. That conversation carried over to Facebook where Tom and I joined in on the discussion of musical performers that kind of rub us the wrong way.

Someone brought up the Indigo Girls.

Once that happened, practically the exact conversation from today’s strip took place with Tom being Roy and me being Marc.

Frank Jordan’s comic can be found at
This is also the strip that started everything as well:

Taylor Swift & Toris Amos

Tom Racine has an awesome podcast, Maybe you heard of it? Tall Tale Radio?
Check it out. It’s good!
And oh yeah… and if you have “Closer to Fine” stuck in your head all day today, blame THEM!