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For the last two months, if you followed me on Twitter, I sent you a free, hi-resolution PDF of Kang the Time Lord. That seemed to be quite popular and I got some great feedback for my humorous take on Kang. So, I thought I’d try something a little different… something I call “Stupor Hero of the Month”.

Make a donation to my Paypal account below (for any amount) and for every donation you make, I will send you a screen resolution, full color marker illustration of a super hero or super villain of my choice – done in the same style as my Kang Twitter illustration was done in – for every month you make a donation. So in other words, if you make two donations to my Paypal account, you will get two different “Stupor Heroes” for April and May. If you make three donations, you’ll get three different heroes for April, May and June and so on.

If you happen to like the “Stupor Hero” for that particular month, you will also have the chance to purchase the original art of that “Stupor Hero” as well. So click the donate button below and join the “Stupor Hero of the Month club” today!