Capes 'N' Babes strip mall

Marc Wilson

Marc runs the day to day operations of Capes & Babes – including setting up, promoting and interviewing guest for the store’s video podcast studio located in the back of the store.

Prior to managing the store, Marc was a traveling bass player and often played as a touring back-up musician for several big name bands such as Steppenwolf and others.

There is a possibility he has secret feelings for Joey.


Joey owns and operates the hardware store located at one end of the strip mall. Always the handy one with tools, she volunteered to help build the video podcast studio in the back of the Capes & Babes store.

The two things you will never find Joey without is her vat of coffee and her ever faithful handyman gloves.

Unlike Marc, she knows she has feelings for him but is being incredibly patient hoping Marc will eventually make the first move.

Roy the werewolf

No one knows exactly how Roy became a werewolf but other than a slightly obnoxious personality, he’s otherwise harmless – so most people just accept him for the werewolf that he is.

When Roy isn’t delivering pizzas or sending in comic book samples to all the major comic book publishers, he works at Pale Moon Video – a video rental store at the other end of the strip mall – located in the opposite direction of Joey’s store. And that’s just how she likes it.

Roni the vampire

Roni is a 400 year old valley girl vampire. She happened to discover Capes & Babes while Marc was holding a “Midnight Special” sale. Always a little bit of a rebel (as far as her brother is concerned), it was at the “Midnight Special” where she saw Roy and immediately became smitten with the idea of having a “forbidden love” romance with the rascally, furry werewolf.

It remains to be seen whether a relationship between a valley girl vampire and a slightly obnoxious werewolf can work – but so far, they are somehow doing it. Much to everyone’s amazement.

Roni’s brother

Roni and her brother wandered into Capes & Babes during the “Midnight Special” sale due to Roni’s brother’s love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics and his crush on everything related to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

A “traditional” vampire in the sense that he hates werewolves, he’s always been against Roni dating Roy and hates Roy with a passion.

But he knows his younger sister is as stubborn as she is old so there’s not much he can do except show his disdain towards Roy.

Bob the barber

Bob owns the barber shop located right next door to Capes & Babes. Bob is a philosophical type that likes to talk your ear off while he’s cutting your hair. So, the hair cut will cost you twenty bucks, but the knowledge you’ll gain from Bob is absolutely free.

When Bob isn’t cutting hair, you can find him in the wee hours of the morning preparing to take his boat out on the water where he likes to pretend to catch fish (but secretly buys them from the fish market on his way home).


B.C. is a world champion miniature golf champion – that’s how he became independently rich and actually owns the Capes & Babes store. He bought it on a whim because he liked comic books as a kid but doesn’t know any thing about them any more.

He also prefers to spend every moment he can on an actual golf course so he prefers to let Marc run Capes & Babes any way he likes.

Just as long as he can get his 18 holes in every day.


Capes & Babes’ most loyal customer but also the biggest thorn in Marc’s side as Mac is the “ultimate” comic book collector. He buys two copies of every issue so he can bag and board one and read the other. He’ll also argue relentless comic book minutiae about Wolverine’s origin, whether Sue Richards ever had a thing with Sub-Mariner or how powerful a Green Lantern’s ring really is.

When he’s not in the store, he’s on some web comic forum somewhere on the web arguing the same things.

Al the Alien

Crash landing on Earth, Al immediately took a liking to Hip-Hop music and decided he’d rather immigrate to this strange new world instead of trying to destroy it.

But it hasn’t been easy on Al as he can’t seem to get his immigration papers in order since he keeps drooling on them and, in effect, destroying them.

So, he’s been forced to take minimum wage jobs in order to stay “under the radar” from U.S. immigration officials.

Leland – the Naruto kid

Naruto fan loves anything and everything about Japanese Animation – but prefers Naruto over anything and everything else.

When Naruto fan isn’t hanging out in Capes & Babes and bugging Roy to no end, he’s attending every Anime Con he can find.

The artist (yeah, me..)

With exception of the cover of this book, The Artist has never yet made an appearance in the strip. But when he’s not traveling to various cons, meeting fans and trying to promote the strip, you can find him on a baseball field either coaching kids and playing in his men’s 30-and-over recreational baseball team.

Or at the drawing table trying to come up with even crazier adventures for all of these bizarre, zany and out of this world characters.

Just like him.