The teacher mentioned in today’s Capes & Babes strip is a reference to a real person. It’s a shout out to my old Mount Vernon High School English teacher, Mr. Engalls.

I was fortunate to have Mr. Engalls as a freshman and as a senior in high school. I say that because Mr. Engalls really, really encouraged all of his students to write. He didn’t care what we wrote about – just that we wrote. Period (no pun intended).

For me, he didn’t care if I wrote a ton of short stories dealing with mutant super heroes or knights and barbarians. In a lot of ways, those two years of having him as an English teacher really brought out my interest in creative writing – so much so, I continued to explore that part of my creative side when I got in to college. In fact, I think one of the many reasons I decided to transfer from a two year art school to Radford University was so that I could take classes in creative writing.

I’m not sure where Mr. Engalls is now as I lost touch with him over the years but where ever you are, Mr. Engalls, know that I’m still writing.

And thank you.