I thought it would be helpful to create a page devoted to any and all media surrounding or involving Capes & Babes. This includes interviews, podcast shout outs or anything else that might fit in this category. The links start from the most recent dates.

The Gigcast Podcast (10/20/08)
Brian Anderson has told me that they will be mentioning Capes & Babes on their latest podcast – due out on Monday, October 20th.

Comics Coast to Coast – The Paige Braddock Show (10/20/08)
Capes & Babes is going to get a shout out on the Paige Braddock show on Comics Coast to Coast podcast on Monday, October 20th as well.

Heroes Con 2008 interview (Summer 2008)
At Heroes Con this past summer, I was interviewed very briefly. The clip of this interview was also added to an earlier Gigcast podcast. Unfortunately, I forget the exact episode number where this interview was added but if you click the link above, you can hear how awful I sound when I get excited about something.

Talking about my CMX Suite strip
This was my first digital, online interview where I talked a lot about my other, weekly webcomics strip, “CMX Suite” that I do for Community MX every Tuesday.
A “CMX Suite” strip
My “CMX Suite” strip archives