Wow! I guess I HAVEN’T forgotten how to do this “cartooning thing”…
Just a little cartoon version surrounding all of the controversy related to a special one showing of a “ladies only” screening of Wonder Woman based on LOTS of discussion that started on Facebook.

Maybe that’s what I need to start doing now… start some kind of “controversial post” on Facebook and then do a comic strip about it.  😉

Anyway, for those of you that don’t know, here’s a synopsis of my last nine months or so:

  • Early September 2016 get unexpectedly laid off from a USMC contract I was working on
  • By the end of September, I got a 6-month temp to perm job with the GSA in Washington DC
  • Early February, got laid off of the GSA contract due to a government hiring freeze
  • End of March, I landed in a new contract job with Homeland Security – once a homeland security background check was completed in approximately 15 business days
  • After 30 business days, I start applying to other jobs because the background check is taking too long.
  • After 40 business days, I am told that the contract and project I was initially hired for was being cancelled.
  • Not long after that though, I got a new job offer doing web design work for the US Army

So that’s been my tail end of 2016 and start of 2017. What this new job means for the comic strip or even future convention appearances… I have no idea. We will just have to see.