As Christmas fast approaches this week, I wanted to take a moment and thank a few people who have been very inspirational to me – and this strip – during the past year. So, if you will indulge me for a few moments, here is my list:

Michael Lohmar
Michael helped me a great deal with my current Capes & Babes design. Together, we were able to cobble a workable 3-column layout based on the first version of the ComicPress template. This is well before the latest updates to ComicPress that includes several different layouts. We did this all our selves – and, really, truth be told, Michael did MOST of the really hard work so I am very thankful for his help.

Tony Moller
Tony work with me at my full-time job. And he has helped me a great deal understanding WordPress. He also hosts my site on his server so my thanks for that can not be stated enough. And he also helps me whenever I have any kind of compuetr or IT work that needs to be done. Thank you so much Tony.

Brad Guigar
Even before Capes & Babes came to fruition, Brad had already given me a lot of advice concerning my weekly web comic strip, “CMX Suite” that I do for Community MX. But since starting Capes & Babes, Brad has been very helpful in posting various strip links on his home page and being very supportive of what I’m doing with Capes & Babes. That’s a pretty significant thing considering how busy he is with his own comics, the Web Comics Weekly gig and his full-time newspaper job. Being a ex-newspaper graphic design grunt myself, I especially know how difficult that can be. So, thanks once again, Brad.

Danielle Corsetto
I have told this story many times to other creators privately… two years ago, at Baltimore Comic Con 2007, Danielle was kind enough to invite a complete stranger behind her desk to ask her a bunch of questions about her strip, her success and, basically, a bunch of other web comic-related questions. In the end, after being so kind to him, she asked to see some of his stuff and after the guy showed her what he did, she proceeded to kick the guy in the rear and chastise him for not having the guts to get a table and join in on the party known as “web comics” because he was certainly good enough. For whatever reason, that small little event helped kick start the motivation this artist needed to finally quit watching the game on the sidelines. So, Danielle, thanks for that kick in the butt.

Topher Davila, Lee Cherolis and Joe Combs (C4 Cartoonists Group)
Thanks guys for, basically, just being there and offering a great support group for a fellow cartoonist and convention-goer. Our Talkshoe chats are really great and they always either energize me or RE-energize me. So I thank you for that and look forward to the next time we can all see each other at the same convention – maybe Baltimore Comic Con 2009, perhaps?

Rosscott, Inc. and Chris Impink
Thanks for welcoming me into the Washington DC webcartoonists group and sharing with me all of the comic and convention going experiences you guys have learned over the years. Much appreciated.

Judi, Dani and Tyler
There’s really no way this list of thanks and appreciation would ever be complete if I didn’t include the three most important people in my life and the three that are REALLY responsible for me trying to make Capes & Babes the best strip it can be.

For Judi, thanks for putting up with my wanting to show you the latest strip I just completed – no matter what time that might actually be.

To Dani, thanks for being such a great little artist in your own right, girl. The world is full of possibilities for you and hope those possibilities just keep growing and growing.

To Tyler, even though autism is a maddening, perplexing and mesmerizing puzzle, I hope that whatever is going on in your brain fills you with the same kind of wonderment I have whenever I look into your eyes – or when you look into mine.

And to everyone else who has discovered this strip in the last year, I hope my crazy sense of humor fills you with a little bit of joy and that you appreciate the wacky world that’s in my head. Otherwise, I would have to start taking some SERIOUS medication! I hope that you will continue to enjoy this strip and to let others know about the crazy antics of Marc, Joey, Roy, Al the Alien, Veronica, the valley girl vampire and all the other wild characters I have so far introduced during the first year of this strip.

Even though it’s not the New Year yet, I hope the holidays (and the New Year) bring you nothing but joy.


Chris Flick