My good friend, Jacque Lynn, gave me the suggestion for today’s entry – mainly because it has sort of become an inside joke to both of us.

One summer, I asked her if she wanted to go see a movie and upon saying “yes”, THIS was the movie that I suggested we go see (much to my later horror). It was one of those movies that looked like it would be really funny in a two minute television trailer but, sadly, I think they jammed all the funny parts INTO that two minute television trailer.

So, just like I am forever memorialized for the God-awful decision to eat at the “NEW” Hong Kong Buffet in Altoona with Dan Nokes and Bill McKay, before that ever happened, I was already immortalized for subjecting Jacque to this truly horrendous and completely un-funny comedy.

But… you can all blame HER for today’s entry if you don;’t get it!  LOL!