If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that this past weekend, I was at the Eastern Shore Fan Con at the Eastern Shore University – home of the Hawks!

From my house, it was a three hour drive and even though it was just a one day show, perhaps due to the combination of Day Light Savings kicking in, I was really out of whack all day on Sunday. Too out of whack to sit down and continue the current storyline featuring Marc and Joey. My wife and I did manage to go out on our belated anniversary date on Sunday and chose to go see “Oz” – more on that later.

Today’s filler features just some of the caricature sketch cards I did all throughout Saturday. I say “some” mainly because when I was going through all of my photos, I realized I had forgotten to take pictures of a few of the finished cards, so there was nothing left to post except these. That’s always disappointing when I forget to take a picture of the finished product – but in any case, there is a female Loki and a young girl as a vampire that are very happy with their sketch cards.

As far as the show goes, it ended up being a pretty good show for me – especially since I have a list of people who were interested in getting a caricature sketch card done but they were too far down my list to have the cards completed before the end of the show, so hopefully, they will order them online from me.

If YOU are interested in getting your own card done, remember, they make perfect Avatars for your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other kind of social media account you may have. Just e-mail me a photo of the person you want drawn and as what character. You can e-mail me at capesnbabes [at] gmail.com for more information.

It did take a while before the crowd at the show actually started buying anything – but as has been the case with several other shows, once one person ordered a caricature sketch card, that opened the gates and suddenly I had a request line up. At this show, I also did a much better job of physically putting one of the three books in people’s hands and suggesting they flip through and read some of the strips. I don’t know if it made a difference or not but I did wind up selling six books – not bad for a one day show where no one has ever heard of me before.

Also, two people bought the new Capes & Babes Employee badges. Some time this week, I am going to create a new section here on this site where I will have pictures of everyone wearing their employee badges.

As far as the Movie OZ goes, I think my wife and I both had the same feeling about it… it was a beautifully rendered movie but it both left us feeling like “eh”. It wasn’t bad. It was just that I think we both expected… more from it. At least that seemed to be the case comparing the trailer to the actual movie itself. I already knew Dorothy, the ruby slippers, the scare crow and the tin man weren’t going to be mentioned at all in the movie simply by reading an Entertainment Weekly article about the movie. I could understand the characters not having a part in this prequel but I’m not sure why the ruby slippers weren’t mentioned. Maybe that will be explained in the following sequels, perhaps?

Some other side notes:

  1. Seeing as this is a Sam Raimi movie, it was a fun little exercise in “try to find Bruce Campbell” in the movie since his name appears very early in the opening credits.
  2. When Mila Kunis “hulks out”, I thought her make-up looked too much like the gangster in the MASK after he gets the Mask from Jim Carrey. To me, she just looked rather weird as opposed to frightening.
  3. James Franco can sometimes come up with some really bizarre facial expressions. Those expressions served him well in the finale as he becomes the great and powerful OZ, but leading up to that moment, they were just that… odd.
  4. Zack Braff steals the show as Finley – or, rather, the combination of CGI artistry and Zack’s voice over work steals the show as Finley
  5. The CGI work done on the little China Girl was also fantastic too.


Anyway, those are just my thoughts. Of course, I might have enjoyed the movie even a bit more if I didn’t have to listen to the constant buzzing sound of a bunch of teenage girls sitting directly behind us. I’ve always had a pet peeve about talking during a movie. It’s perfectly okay to talk during all the pre-preview commercials they now play, and it’s even acceptable to talk during some of the previews as well – but once a movie starts… SHUT THE HELL UP.

Oh. And get the hell of my front lawn too!