This weekend, there are going to be two (hopefully) very large comic book conventions.

One will be held in Washington, DC – Awesome Con DC. The other one will be in Boston.

The Boston Comic Con has been around for quite a few years and, despite the terrible events on Monday, they are still going to have the convention.
Tyler James is a good friend of mine. I see him every year at the Baltimore Comic Con. The Boston show is his “home” show.

I would like to wish Tyler – and all the other artists and convention goers up there – a great, happy and safe show.

I saw on Twitter today that one creator at the Boston Comic Con will be giving out free comic books to all of those that donate blood. It’s that kind of attitude that enables and inspires all of us to bounce back just a little bit faster and a little more determined than we were a few days before.

While I will be at Awesome Con DC this weekend, my mind won’t be very far away from all of my creator friends like Tyler who are doing their very small part to bring a bit more cheer to an area that really needs it.

This weekend, there will be a lot of fictional heroes coming to Boston. On Monday, there were plenty of real life heroes already there.