[UPDATE] Due to the forecast of 70% chance of rain on Saturday, the Beaglefest has been cancelled for Saturday and a rain make-up date is in the works. But, even though Saturday’s event is cancelled, that doesn’t mean I can’t do any beagle cartoon illustrations. If you are interested, e-mail me at capesnbabes [at] gmail.com for more details.

That’s where I will be this Saturday! I’ll be doing something completely new and exciting… I will be drawing caricatures – not of people but of… BEAGLES!!!

Now, I may draw some caricatures of the beagles’ owners but for the most part, it will be primarily beagles that will be drawn.

I’ll post pictures, photos, videos and anything else I’ll take while I’m at the event. If you’re in the Northern Virginia area or you think you might be interested in attending, click the image above for all the information you need!