I've joined the Webcomic Alliance

So folks… my apologies. I wanted the blog post under today’s strip to display this but I had internet connection problems late into the evening last night so I’m making it now, instead.

For a long time, I have posted on my Facebook and Twitter feeds how much I wanted to get back into podcasting since Matt Stout and I stopped recording our Lightbox Podcast. By the way, speaking of Matt, you all should go to his Facebook wall and tell him congratulations. Him and Sara are expecting their second child. Way to go, Matt! Oh, but I digress…

So last week, Dawn sent me an e-mail asking me if I’d like to join their most distinguished group. Many of you have heard me be a guest podcaster on their program and I always enjoyed filling in whenever I could, so naturally, I jumped at the chance to join this crazy circus. As I said last week on the Webcomic Workshop podcast, it felt good to finally get called up from the minor leagues on a more permanent basis.