I recently did a few commissions for a couple of people. One such commission that I just finished was for my good friend and fellow Community MX partner, Kim Cavanaugh. Kim wanted me to “cartoon-ize” one of his fellow co-workers, Lee – a busy, tech-savvy hockey mom that is addicted to text messaging. Here’s what I came up with:

Kim's friend, Lee
To see a larger version, click here.

Kim just sent me the tech video podcast he does in Florida called Palm Breeze Cafe. Here’s the YouTube video of Kim giving Lee the cartoon (above) that I did for both of them:

My illustration project is discussed at the very beginning of the show. And, if you want to learn a little bit about the program, Picasa, you can watch the rest of the video as well. Right after Lee receives the cartoon, you can also see the extra little “surprise” I add to every commissioned sketch that someone orders from me.

I also did two other recent commissions. One is for a Christmas present so I’m reluctant to show that until after Christmas but suffice to say, it involves a caricature of Chuck Norris that came out really great (I think).

Here is the Spider-Woman commission I mentioned before. It’s still a work in progress and doesn’t have any text yet (but I know what the dialog is). If you want to see the full image, click on the picture below:


Once the entire thing is done, I’ll fix the link so that the larger version is the final version.

Also, if you’re interested in getting a caricature or commission done:
Please send me an e-mail at capesnbabes [at] gmail [dot] com for prices and other information/details.

If you’re interested in getting a caricature done:
I will need to have a very good, high quality close up photo of the subject matter I am caricaturing.

All commissions and caricatures are done on 9×12″ smooth bristol board and are full color (unless specified otherwise).