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I’m trying some new things in order to help try and spread the word about Capes & Babes and I’m offering something FREE for your help!

Do you Twitter or do you know someone that does?
Well, for every new Twitterer that adds me to their “follow list”, I will send them a full-color, marker rendering PDF of Kang the Time Lord. This is in the same style that I do all of my convention commissions in. It’s humorous and funny so if you like Kang, follow me on Twitter and I’ll e-mail you the PDF.

If you already follow me on Twitter…
You can still get the Kang PDF by adding a Capes & Babes link to your blog side bar under web comics that you like to read or some other similar type of link. Send me a link to your blog when you’ve added the Capes link and I’ll send you the Kang PDF.

If you follow me on Twitter, add a Capes & Babes link to your Blog side bar AND refer someone to Capes & Babes…
And THEY post a comment on my blog mentioning your referral, you’ll get another FREE, full-color PDF of A COMPLETELY NEW random super hero or villain and THEY’LL get the free Kang PDF. But they need to check out Capes & Babes and leave a comment on the blog so I’ll know they’ve visited the site and checked out the strip.

If that sounds good to you, then you know what to do. Help spread the word about Capes & Babes and get free art. Who else would offer you such a deal???