Wow, lots to go over in today’s blog…

Okay, first, I thought the first panel would be a good way to tie in the previous strip since there’s still a lot of confusion about “Blinded By The Light” lyrics. From what I can gather, it seems that Manfred Mann slightly changed a few words from Bruce Springsteen’s original version. Bruce’s version talks about a “h” in the sense that “he got down” instead of “she got down”. In his version, it’s also “cut loose like a deuce” instead of Manfred Mann’s “revved up like a deuce”.

Let’s just conclude it this way – EVERYONE is right and EVERYONE is wrong.  :-)
The lyrics are whatever you want them to be.

Yeah. I’ll buy that for a dollar.

Second, I did some minor clean up of the site last night. Now my appearances in the right side bar are clean and up-to-date. I also added the Ink Outbreak box on the left side as well.

Third… The Creature From the Black Lagoon has always been my favorite monster – not werewolves, as a matter of fact. And I just thought it was pretty funny that The Creature’s name would be “Craig”.

Now, why Aquaman is in a monster sensitivity support group… well, that’s a good question. Maybe we’ll find out some day…