Folks, I saved my best Heroes Con 2010 convention sketch for last. This is the GRAND FINALE and I hope you enjoy it and get as great of a kick out of it as Little John did. This is the last convention sketch of the week and next week, I’ll go back to making Roy’s life miserable in some way, shape or form.

In the mean time, I wanted to tell you  little bit about this particular piece. This was actually started a couple of weeks before Heroes Con. I had it sketched out but things kept getting in the way and preventing my from doing much more then pencils. So I took it down to Heroes Con with the intention of finishing it there. That wasn’t hard but it was a stop-and-go process throughout the con.

Here is a picture of Little John and his wife with the final piece on Sunday:

Little John, his wife and his commission

Little John, his wife and his commission. Click the image for a larger version.

Little John “discovered” Capes & Babes at last year’s Heroes Con and he’s been a very vocal and enthusiastic supporter on Facebook, Twitter & just about any where else you might find him. So, when he asked for this commission request, I REALLY wanted to go the extra mile for him – hence the advance preparation.

How great of a guy is Little John? Well, I had finished the commission sometime late Friday but Little John liked it so much, he wanted me to keep it in my portfolio book and have it displayed throughout the entire con so that I might be able to pick up other business because of it – and I truly believe I did. I actually had a waiting list for commissions this year & I think this piece was a big part of the reason why.

I eventually remembered that had Heroes Con fallen on its regular Father’s Day Weekend, it would have been Little John’s birthday – so, before he had a chance to finally pick the sketch up on Sunday, I inked over some of the stars and added a “Happy Birthday” message to LJ in a silver Sharpie pen.

So, Little John, once again… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!