I posted this caricature last week on Facebook. It’s a caricature of one of my really great convention buddies, Mansa Herndon who suddenly passed away and left all of us last month (January 2018).

Mansa was widely known and extremely well-liked in the areas of Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC – the Richmond Comic Con, Awesome Con, Tidewater Comic Con, Annapolis and Southern Maryland Comic Con as well as the Baltimore Comic Con – there were probably a LOT more but those shows would be where I would routinely see him all the time. Especially at the Baltimore Comic Con as Mansa used to help two of my other convention buddies, Chris Otto and Ben Taylor, with their table in the Kid’s Corner of the show. And since my table was usually always just a few feet away from them, I saw Mansa all that time at that show and we would always greet each other with a massive bear hug.

Like my other friend, Bill Meiggs, both were so extremely likable and fun going guys. I never heard or saw either one of these two dudes in a bad mood whatsoever. They were two guys I always looked forward to seeing at all those shows listed above. Granted, I only saw both of these guys a couple times a year but it was always so fun to catch up with them or grab dinner with them after various shows.

Bill left us on April 15, 2016 and I still feel the loss of his presence at certain shows. That’s how it’s going to be with Mansa too.

It’s funny but when you do a comic book convention circuit, you only see certain people a few times a year but the artist bond can be so tight, when you do see those “convention buddies”, it’s such a great feeling catching up and kidding around with them – and that’s what I am going to miss the most…

Talking art with Bill.

And those great big bear hugs from Mansa.

PS: I have a two page PDF of Mansa’s caricature. One page is 11×17″ and the other is letter size. If you knew Mansa and would like a copy of this PDF, just send me an e-mail or post a comment in the comment section and I will send you a copy of that PDF.