By the time you read this (unless you’re a midnight owl and like to check the site out at precisely 12 midnight every Monday, Wednesday & Friday), it will be Monday morning and I will have already started my new job. It’s Sunday night right now and tomorrow will be my first day at my new job.

For those that may not know, I was laid off May 5th at a company I had worked for for 10 years. It took three very long and sometimes stressful months to finally find a new home. I should be happy about that as there was also a lot of hard work on my part (and my wife’s part) but there’s quite a bit of nervousness that’s taking over the “excited” part. How will this new job be? What will I be doing? How long will it take for me to get comfortable?

We’re always a bit afraid of the unknown. In a lot of ways, I feel very much like I’m an ex-8th grader getting ready for my very first day of high school – which is VERY ironic because that’s EXACTLY what my daughter will be dealing with in just a few short weeks… she will be entering high school for the very first time.

So, at least we have a bit in common with one another, eh?

In other news, during this weekend, I completed my foam core cut-out of Roy. He will be debuting at Little Fish Comics next Sunday (August 23rd) and than, after that, he will be traveling with me to the Pittsburgh ComicCon September 11-13th. I think he came out pretty darn cool. He stands about Five feet (that’s the tallest piece of foam core Pearl Art Stores had). I’ll try to get a picture of Roy sometime this week so you all can see him too!