In the picture above, from left to right:
Robin Dempsey (no relation to Tim), myself, Ben McCormic, Travis Surber and Tim Dempsey (no relation to Robin)…

Ahhhhhhh… so another Intervention Con has come and gone and I had to sadly say by to Travis Surber and his wife. I wasn’t too upset with having to say good-bye to Ben McCormick because, well, everyone knows he’s just a big ol’ poopy-head and I was glad to FINALLY have him out of my hair for the weekend. GOD, that dude is sooooooooo needy… and he even had a great gal with him too (Hi Jennie!)…

But all kidding aside, it was fantastic to also FINALLY get to meet not one but TWO – yes, TWO Dempseys… Robin and Tim (no relation to one another). Robin is, of course, one of the members of the Webcomic Alliance so it was fantastic to have a chance to go out and eat a few times with Robin and get a warm, flesh and blood perspective from someone you’ve only known through the cold hard feel of a computer monitor.

Tim, on the other hand, was one of the first regular listeners to the Lightbox Podcast that Matt Stout and I used to record with one another. In fact, I believe Matt and I did a critique of Tim’s comic and website design for one of the Lightbox podcasts… that’s how long I’ve known Tim in the “digital world”.

As for Travis and Ben, this was our fourth year of doing Intervention Con together so it’s always a great thrill to get to hang with them for a few days. Indeed, that’s really one of the reasons why I enjoy Intervention Con so much. It’s not a super big money maker convention like some other shows that focus on super heros and sexy pin-up posters and such but what it IS is a convention where people off the street can come in and meet other artists and creators on a more personal one-on-one basis. For artists such as myself, it’s a fantastic show to network, mingle and exchange ideas, thoughts strategies and other things all related to your creative pursuits.

Now, with all of that being said, this particular Intervention Con just happened to have also been my most profitable Intervention Con yet. I think I might have sold more Capes & Babes books THIS weekend than I have at any other convention this year… and that includes Awesome Con DC and Heroes Con – two of the biggest shows I go to.

Yeah, this year was pretty phenominal for me so I want to thank each and every one of you for buying one, two or all three books from me.

Still, all that being said, the two people I REALLY want to thank is Onezumi and Harknell for going above and beyond in putting this convention together. I saw Onezumi Sunday morning I mentioned that she didn’t look tired at all (even though she did ) because I only have a very small inkling of what it might take to put on such a show like Intervention Con where every guest is treated with rock star status