Okay, so my men’s senior baseball league came to an end last night with a 9-8 loss in a single elimination playoff. I actually posted today’s strip without a blog before heading to the game (I didn’t have enough time to write anything before I had to get out and deal with Washington DC traffic).

I had originally set out to write a long, detailed account of my experience last night but ultimately decided that was going to be too boring – especially for non-baseball fans. Suffice to say, as oddly as it sounds, I feel strangely okay about our season coming to an end. I know I played a good game and did a lot of positives to put my team in position to win and, maybe being an a previous team that won back-to-back championships the last two years makes defeat a little easier to swallow. I don’t know.

All I do know is that the first time in quite a few years, even though I’m tired from the game last night, this 44 year old body doesn’t feel broken down and needing a couple weeks of recovery as in years past.

Or maybe it’s just knowing that now my baseball season is over, I can fully immerse myself in to Capes & Babes and get ready for the last handful of conventions still on my schedule.

If that interests you more then listening to my baseball ramblings, you can find me at the following upcoming conventions:

Baltimore Comic Con
Baltimore, MD
August 28th and 29th.
Rockville, MD
September 11th and 12th

NC Comic Con
Chapel Hill, NC
November 13th and 14th

VA Comic Con (2 Day show)
Richmond, VA
November 20th and 21st

If I add any more during now and the end of the year, I will let you all know.