This one is way late… mainly because I was enjoying such a great conversation (disguised as an interview) with Onezumi as she and her main man, Harknell, talked all about InterventionCon tonight with me and Matt as part of our weekly Lightbox – Illuminating Webcomics podcast.

As such, I’ll probably have a much more lengthy blog update post tomorrow. For now, I’m going to bed.


Last night’s Lightbox Recap:

Oni and Harnell

Oni & Harnell - the masterminds behind Intervention Con

Hello everybody. This is the recap and lengthier blog post that I said I would write last night. I just wanted to thank Onezumi and Harknell for braving the wonderful world of Talkshoe last night and talking to Matt Stout and I and discussing all things InterventionCon-related. Matt and I normally record the show for only an hour but we all talked for almost two hours, so obviously, we were having a good time.

I also want to thank the ten or so people that listened to us live and participated with questions in the chat room. I also have to apologize for demolishing Hue-x-ley’s (did I get it right this time?) name pronunciation last night. I can be brutal with unfamiliar names sometimes and always cringe when I have to pronounce a name I’m unsure about.

But anyway, I met Onezumi for the first time a couple of years ago at Katsucon 14 in Crystal City – I’m pretty sure it was #14. I wasn’t there as an artists. I was only there because a) my daughter really wanted to go and b) I knew there were going to be a lot of webcomic creators there – including Brad, Kris and Dave from Halfpixel. Capes & Babes wasn’t even a small blimp on the webcomics radar screen yet… I think I had only gone to Heroes that summer and probably had less than 200 strips online at the time. But I had already started networking and getting to know a lot of other more established webcomic creators and those that were at Katsucon all suggested that I meet and introduce myself to Onezumi since she was really responsible for the the webcomic presences that was at Katsucon that year.

If you have ever been to an anime con before, you know it can be even more crazy and chaotic than your typical comic book convention. As such, it was extremely hard to track down Oni mainly because she was sooooo busy trying to help out the webcomic people that had tables at the con and, since I had never met her before, I didn’t know what she looked like. But after looking like an out-of-state tourist asking for directions in New York City, enough webcomic people were able to finally point her out to me and I went up and introduced myself.

Again, Capes & Babes was in its infancy at the time so she very easily could have brushed me off or pretended to be interested in my little comic strip endeavor and simply forgotten about me as soon as I left her immediate presence. But she never did. Instead, she asked me for my card, gave me her’s and told me to get in touch with her in a few months when BaltiCon 43 rolls around because she was looking for new creators to display there.

It’s exactly because of this attitude with new, old and trying to get old webcomic creators that I absolutely KNOW InterventionCon will not only be hugely popular, it will also be a great success.

So, if you’re not doing anything September 10 – 12 and you live in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Tri-state area, you absolutely need to come to this event. Everything you need to know about InterventionCon can be found on the Con’s website but for directions and anything else, you can just click THIS LINK to see more information.

I’ll be there and so will so many other webcomic creators, artists, musicians, bloggers and internet enthusiasts. It truly will be Your Online Life, In Person.