[Update: Decided to make a slight alteration to Marc’s dialog in the second panel. That’ll happen sometimes when you stay up way too late to watch the VP debate and then decide to write dialog…  🙂 ]

This strip was actually based on a true event… it was Christmas eve a few years ago and as a little family event, the wife and I like to drive around the surrounding area and check out all of the Christmas lights. But this particular year, our nieces and nephews wanted to go too so we loaded everyone up in my wife’s mini-van and proceeded to start driving around the neighborhood.

Being Christmas Eve, it was very late, very dark and very few people were out on the road. But lo and behold, I came to a stop light with a car right in front of me. Because it was so dark outside, I could clearly see their in-car DVD system. I could also clearly make out what was PLAYING in their DVD system. And it certainly wasn’t “The Christmas Story”, that’s for sure.

I didn’t know exactly what movie was playing but I certainly knew WHAT KIND of movie was playing.

Fortunately, only my wife and I were able to catch a glimpse of the hot action in the car in front of us. By the time everyone else in the van was wondering why my wife and I were laughing so hard, the car in front of us realized there was another car behind them and QUICKLY quit playing the DVD they were so intent on watching.

I never forgot that and always thought it would make for a humorous strip. Although it was extremely difficult to try and figure out a way to create this strip while still keeping it absolutely “clean” (at least in terms of not actually SHOWING any parts of “Debbie Does LV-426” anyway).

And, for those that might not get the “LV-426” reference… that’s the planet Ripley’s crew originally touched down on in the first “Alien” movie and subsequently returned to with the Marines.

And now you know…. the reeeeest of the story…