If I may be so bold…
I really must say that I’m totally digging how the “Yawning” sound effects/word balloons came out in the first panel. That is definitely something that would have been a pain in the posterior to try and do in Illustrator. It’s soooo much easier doing text like this by hand. I’m still experimenting with various pen nibs but it’s beginning to come a little faster, easier and looking a little better – at least I think so.

Also, some of the shirts hanging up in the background will be obvious but a few will probably be impossible for you to guess which characters they represent (just in case you might be wondering about that).

Question for all of you:
I’m thinking about doing a little experiment where I throw in some super-hero cartoon sketches as filler strips for Tuesday, Thursday and the weekends but I’m afraid that would disrupt the “flow” of the regular strip. Would you all agree with that? I’m just trying to figure out some ways where I can have new content on a daily basis even though that “new content” might not necessarily be a new strip (the new strips would continue to be Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

The way I see it, daily updated content drives people to your web site – including advertising and advertisers. My Project Wonderful ad always seems to increase on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays so I definitely see the advantage of having new content up here daily.

Anyway, just an idea I’ve been playing around with. Not sure if I will actually do it though. I’m interested in reading some of your thoughts on something like that.