UPDATE: Well, I finally had a chance to go back and re-re-fix all the “persuades” I THOUGHT I had messed up – only to have an eagle-eye reader let me know that I was actually right in the first place and persuade WAS spelled with an “e” and not a “u” after all.

I hate being right, then wrong, then right again… I think, in the end, it was late and I was getting “pursuit” and “persuade” confused with each other. Yeah. we’ll go with that…

Last night as I was working on this strip, I broke a cardinal rule for all of those that hand-letter their strips…

I got a little cocky and was absolutely convinced that “pursuit” was spelled as “persuit”. For whatever reason, “pursuit” just looked wrong to me so I inked the entire strip, colored it and was just about to post it when something in the back of my head told me to double-check :pursuit” one more time.

Needless to say, I had to spend an extra 15 minutes or so painstakingly digitally erasing all the E’s in “persuit” and adding a U instead.

Those are the types of things you deal with when you hand letter your strips.

Fortunately, I’ve had a very good run though. This has never happened before. I have always caught myself right before I was about to ink the strip and checked on any and every word I was even a little bit unsure about. But not tonight for some reason. Ah well. Everything is fixed now though.