So those of you that have keen sight might notice a couple of aliens disguised as dogs. You might also recognize a more corporate (and rich) Charlie Brown and a down and out hippie Calvin – kinda grown up but suffering from Male Pattern Baldness.

Now the REALLY keen observers – especially those that might have read my “CMX Suite” strip that I was producing for the web site Community MX – might just recognize that devilish looking dude at the end of the first panel. He originally made an appearance in an “Adobe buys Macromedia – Hell freezes over” cartoon way back in 2005.

Here’s the original cartoon – click the image to see a bigger version:

adobe_macromedia- 600px
Also, I just thought it would be funny to draw a drunk cherub with only one wing – a right one. And before anyone gets TOO upset, I thought it would also be a nice twist to make the “devil” a flaming liberal – just so there would be a chance for everyone to be equally offended.