Well, Intervention Con 2013 is here and gone… time to get back on the saddle again with the regular strips. That’s not easy to do when you get home and Silverado is playing on the ol’ cable box.

For me, Silverado is one of my favorite movies that I have a hard time not watching whenever it comes on. It’s one of my favorite westerns with a pretty awesome cast – even if they weren’t big names at the time. Danny Glover had not yet been cast in Lethal Weapon and how many people knew Kevin Kline before that movie? And, of course, there’s the famous story about Kevin Costner being cut out of The Big Chill and Lawrence Kasdan feeling so bad about it, he promised Costner a role in his very next film – and that was… yup, you guessed it – Silverado.

Of course, there were a lot of other great actors in this as well… Scott Glenn, Jeff Goldblum, Brian Dennehy, Linda Hunt and Jeff Fahey.

And, just to show my age, this was another great movie that I saw in the theater when it was first released. Always wished they would have made a sequel – especially since the last line in the film is Kevin Costner shouting “We’ll be back”. Well, I’m still waiting for them to return.

Silverado is just one western of many that I like. What are some of your favorite westerns and why?