C’mon, ya gotta admit… the lead singer of THE WHO as the next DOCTOR WHO is BRILL-YENT!
Who is with me on this? Let’s get Steven Moffat on the phone, people, and make this happen!

I’m at Heroes Con – AA-1922…

Yeah, all this weekend, I’m at Heroes Con hanging out at Artist Alley Table AA-1922. As is customary when I go to conventions, if you mention today’s strip OR you give me your best werewolf howl – AWOOOOOOOOOOO! – I will give you SOMETHING FOR FREE!

So find Artist Alley Table AA-1922 and get your free gift today! Don;t know where AA-1922 might be? No problem.
Here’s a handy-dandy floor map with a red dotted path right to my table. Click the image below to see a larger view, print that larger view, bring it to the show and then follow the path.

Pretty simple! I hope to see you all there this weekend!

Heroes Con Map - AA1922