So now you guys know why there was a sudden change in style for Capes & Babes for a while.

What you guys don’t know is how this all came about…
During November, right when I was getting a ton of commission requests and planning to attend a couple of craft shows for the first time, I knew my December schedule was going to be too hectic to try and maintain a three-day-a-week schedule. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do about that until one day at lunch, I started doodling kid versions of all the Capes & Babes characters – and I started getting excited about what was forming on those blank sheets of papers.

But, I wondered, how do I suddenly make such a drastic style change to the strip and, further more, how do I explain it?

Luckily, my friend, Ed Robinson, stepped in and gave me a brilliant idea.

By this time, I knew that I was going to start running old strips for the month of December but I knew I wanted to do something with these kid versions but didn’t exactly know what. During a Friday afternoon lunch, Ed suggested that they be Roy’s comic strip syndication submission. I thought just that idea alone was great but low and behold, Ed went and topped himself in the next sentence.

“And don’t tell anyone what’s going on – just start the ‘Capes & Babies’ and let people guess…”

My wife reminded me this morning that I should have also mentioned that one big Capes & Babes fan was able to guess not too long ago exactly what was happening. So another big shout-out to Dave Wilson for putting his cartoon strip Sherlock Holmes cap on and deducing what was happening. Good job, Dave!