As I have been promising the last couple of days on Twitter and on Facebook, here is my second installment featuring Amber from

Some of you that are VERY long time PvP readers might read this strip and say “hey… that looks awfully familiar…” and you know what? You’d be right. I think one of the funniest strips Scott Kurtz ever did was the strip where Francis did the classic boob squeeze of Jade. It’s WAY back in his archives when Scott was still drawing in his original, black & white style. You’ll have to search his archives for the strip I’m talking about.

Anyway, that one particular strip has always stayed in my head all these many years so when it came to this particular strip featuring Amber, I thought it would be the ideal situation to do my own take on that same strip – call it a “cover”, a “homage” or anything you want. But I thought – especially after having done a Rob Granito strip – that it was pretty important to at least mention the originator and his inspiration for this particular strip.