This is the bio I usually send to conventions to post on their web sites:

Chris Flick

Chris graduated from Radford University in 1991 with a graphic design and commercial illustration degree, did a bunch of graphic related odd jobs and eventually wound up in an advertising agency where he taught himself html.

Since then, he got married, had two kids, rescued a couple of stray cats and created a comic strip for called “CMX Suite” that ran for five years. Somewhere in all of this, his unpublished college graphic novel stayed in his brain and eventually he warped that idea into a humor strip, added a crazy werewolf and before he knew it, in 2007, Capes & Babes was officially born.

The stray cats have all since passed away and Chris’ house is now overrun with two dogs (but used to be three). Chris continues to write and illustrate Capes and Babes three times a week, attends numerous conventions along the east coast and is a member of the Webcomic Comic Alliance – a site devoted tohelping other creators dive into the wonderful world of webcomics!

Chris wants everyone to know he desperately tried to keep this bio down to two short paragraphs. Chris also wants everyone to know he hates everyone who refers to themselves in third person with a heated passion. Chris also wants you to know his fourth collection of Capes & Babes strips is now available and titled “This fFur Don’t Burn!”.

You can read Capes & Babes three times a week at