Just in case some of you young whipper-snappers are saying to yourselves right now “What the $#@&^???”, here’s a little video clip to help you understand the meaning behind today’s strip:

Personally,  when it came to this particular moment of TOP GUN, I always thought and wondered about a couple of things:

Maverick and Iceman were both neck and neck in points at this time in the movie. Why did the instructors send both of them up together when they knew neither Maverick or Iceman would just “give” the other guy points? If they were really worried about safety, they would have continued to send Maverick and Iceman up in separate dogfights. But because they sent them up together, an accident like this was just waiting to happen.

Also, because of this scene, I always thought Iceman was JUST as responsible for Goose’s death as Maverick was. Had Iceman just got out of the way or yielded the shot to Maverick, Goose never would have died. I never understood why Iceman didn’t bare a little bit of the responsibility or have at least some of his points docked for not yielding the kill shot to Maverick when Maverick had the chance.

Anyway, as soon as Apple announced the name of their newest operating system, I had this idea in my head.