Exclusive poster for the show

I just finished work on this mini-poster print that will be available at the show for $5 a print or FREE with any book purchase:

Intervention Con Poster

Hey everybody… starting on Friday of this weekend (August 23- August 25), I will be in Rockville, Maryland attending and tabling at Intervention Con 2013.

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves what exactly is “Intervention Con”… in the most simple of terms terms, Intervention Con is a convention geared towards just about all the creative endeavors on the internet. If you attend the show, you’ll meet webcomic creators, bloggers, podcasters, writiers, singers and song writers and just about anything and everything in between.

This is the fourth year of the show and was created by Onezumi and Harknell Hairstein. Oni and Harknell put on a great show and treat every single artist and creator like an individual super star. Those two are one of the many reasons why I love going to this show every year. Now, you won’t find the same attendance numbers as a big name super-hero convention but every year, Intervention grows just a little bit more… in some ways, I think it might be comparable to what and how the Small Press Expo (SPX) grew to its current size. But what the show may lack in overall attendance it more than makes up for in terms of being a hands-on, intimate creator-based show.

If you are a creator – or are interested in doing something creative on the web, there is no better convention to get a real good, hands-on, one-on-one experience with a wide assortment of different creators. This is not like your typical convention where you meet an artist at their table and walk away, never to see them for the rest of the show. In many cases, it is not uncommon to go to the show and end up having dinner later that night with one of the creators – or many of the creators – you just met.

If you come to the show, you’ll also get to attend a wide variety of panels… in fact, I would say Intervention Con probably has one of the most eclectic collection of panels of any convention that I have ever attended. I will be a guest again this year so that affords me the opportunity to be on some of these eclectic panels. In fact, here is my panel schedule for this year’s show:

My 2013 Intervention Con Panel schedule

Friday August 23rd