Okay, so as promised, here are most of my pics from Katsucon 19. The only pictures that are missing are the ones associated with the caricature sketch cards that I did. I’m planning on putting ALL of my caricature sketch cards into a new category. When I do, the Katsucon caricature sketch cards will go there.

In the meantime, here’s a little bit of explanation about some of these pics…
The first two pics in this gallery are of my daughter and two of her friends cosplaying as Homestuck characters. My daughter is on the far right with her tongue out in the first pic. She made her Homestuck costume all by herself and did her own makeup as well.

The middle series of pics are of various people cosplaying throughout the weekend.

Then there is the series of photos of Dawn Griffin and out table set-up – and later, our table set ups as we were able to expand to another table.

The last few pictures are of Dawn, my wife and our three dogs. Bruno is the lager dog. He’s a mastiff that we inherited from my father in-law. He may be big but he thinks he’s a lap dog. The smaller brown dog is Rusty. Although he may look like a Corgi, he’s actually a golden retriever/Basset Hound mix. The black and white dog is Blue – an Australian Sheep Dog. We call him Blue due to one of his eyes being Blue.

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