For all of you that are planning on attending InterventionCon this weekend (and if you aren’t, why not?), here is my Panel schedule for all of you that might be interested in hearing whatever crazy thing comes to my brain.

It all starts on Friday!

The Parent Trap – Friday 3:00pm,
Panel Room 1
A discussion about what it’s like to maintain a webcomic and raise kids at the same time.

Web Design for Creatives – Friday 4:00pm
Panel Room 1
A discussion about all things related to web design and the artist. I will probably bore people to death about my love of Dreamweaver & Fireworks – so be sure to attend!

Saturday will be my biggest day…

How to use Social Media without being a jerk – Saturday – 11:00am
Panel Room 1
A discussion about all things related to Social media – especially Twitter & Facebook

Digital vs. Traditional: The Pros & cons of each – Saturday, 12 Noon
Panel Room 1
A discussion about digital creation versus traditional creation and how the two are combined sometimes.

We’re asking questions here – Saturday, 8:00pm
Panel Room 2
A chance for the CREATORS to ask the FANS questions. This should be really interesting…

The Light Box Podcast panel – Saturday, 9:00pm
Panel Room 2
A panel discussion of everything about the Light Box Podcast that I do with Matt Stout every week (or almost every week).

Sunday (my lightest day)

Webcomic Improv – Sunday, 12:00 noon
Large Panel Room
Ever watch “Who’s line is it anyway”? Well, come to this panel and watch a bunch of webcomic creators think on their feet as they play a lot of similar games that have been featured on that show before.

To find out more information about InterventionCon or to see a floor plan of the show, go to these links:

Intervention Con main site

InterventionCon Floor Plan & Schedule